Pioneers in Solid Acrylic Resin Manufacturing

Pioneer Solutions Americas Inc. is the American division of Pioneer Chemicals, Asia’s leading manufacturer of solid acrylic resin. Pioneer Chemicals was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with 3 production sites with a combined capacity of more than 23,000 tons/year.

Our acrylic resin products are divided into 8 series and total more than 150 grades covering a wide range of applications, including coating, ink, adhesives, plastics, handicrafts, medical equipment, electronics, lighting appliances, and many others.

Pioneer Solutions Americas Inc. is keen on providing customers with personalized service. We are based in City of Industry, CA, USA, and are able to provide local delivery across the Americas. With strong R&D capacity, Pioneer prides itself on innovation and manufacturing flexibility: we design custom-tailored formulations specific to our customers’ needs and are capable of fast production scale up. Please check our products page on this website to view our existing grades, as well as the possible property ranges for custom-tailored grades.

Pioneers in Dental Material Manufacturing

Shanghai New Century Dental Materials (SND) is the dental products division of Pioneer Chemicals. Based in Shanghai and founded in 1995, currently, SND is one of China’s leading manufacturers in the dental materials field.

With consistent quality improvement, technical and clinical research, SND has continuously extended its dental products to include Synthetic Resin Teeth, Denture Base Materials, Artificial Teeth Resin, Glass Ionomer Cement, Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement, Dental wax and other materials.

Pioneer Solutions Americas Inc. commits to you a strong partnership bond. We hope to work with our clients not only as a manufacturer but also as a technical support for your company’s acrylic resin and dental material needs. Our technology and products are assisting our customers in improving product performance, cost-effectiveness and in enhancing value creation. We continuously seek business partner opportunities to co-develop and enlarge the acrylic application envelope. Please contact us directly for a partnership opportunity.


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