Pioneer Solutions Americas Inc.’s Gripmelt products are hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives used for different bonding applications. Our solutions are available in bulk form for applications including but not limited to extrusion coating, automatic labeling, die cutting, food labels, automotive and much more.

Gripmelt products are made entirely of SIS resin and have indirect food contact approval by the FDA. Please view the following data sheets to view which Gripmelt product most fits your specific needs.

Grades Links
Viscosity, CPS
Softening Point
Typical Application
Order Samples
K-11Transparent yellow6,000 @ 175 °C93 °CHigh speed die cutting and glass bottle labels
K-12Transparent yellow5,000 @ 175 °C90 °CLow temperature food labels
R-6Transparent4,200 @ 175 °C99 °CLow adhesion removable labels
R-8Transparent25,000 @ 175 °C120 °CRemovable film labels
D-2Transparent yellow5,000 @ 175 °C99 °CSub-zero temperature food labels
LE-2ATransparent yellow5,000 @ 175 °C80 °CPorous foam (PS/PU/EVA/PE substrates) tape
DB-1Transparent20,000 @ 175 °C120 °CAutomotive harness tape and PVC flooring

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